About Us

Hi Everyone. My name is Dante. I am a teenager trying to make the most out of my savings. So after going through a few options like opening a Fixed Deposit account etc, I have no idea where to invest and get the most out of it. Then all thanks to my girlfriend – SIA. She has a family of traders only so she talked me out – why don’t you invest in Stocks. Then after going through her piece of advice, I came to the conclusion – Why not, let give stocks a shot. For the record, I am also a newbie in the stock market world. I have no knowledge of how this works except for the fact to buy stocks at a lower price as possible and then sell them at a higher. Again thanks to Sia, who guides me on a few stocks to invest in and types of dealing I can do.

All this you can find over the internet too but as we all know – For every successful person there’s a girl behind. So, it’s almost the same here. So let’s get back to the line, It been almost now 2 months since I am into this domain. Holding a few individual stocks. In my journey, I will keep you posted on all of my investments ever made by me and how much profit or loss I made out of it.

For my all trading info, check out my All-Time Trading and learn how slowly and steadily I made some progress in the stock market.