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Do you have good writing skills and knowledge about Investments – Stocks, Currency, Commodities, or other earning ways? If you do, then you are very welcomed to share your view or ideas through your knowledgable content on Invest My Money’s blog.

Who We Are

Invest My Money is a website dealing in all the ways through which one can earn passive income on their investments through trading in Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Gold, Currency. Through our post, we believe we are sharing information to the user that might be useful in easing the investment journey of investors. Earlier Invest My Money Online blog was maintained by Money-Online Team only but now we would like to invite all the industrial followers as well as bloggers who are masters in this domain to write and share your experience through a guest post on our website blog.

We accept Guest Posts on any of the relevant or related topics mentioned below. However, you are most welcomed to share your own brainstorming additional ideas via. Email. We will select the most interesting topic from your pool of ideas and revert to your email. Afterward, you can send us your piece of art.

You can approach for submission of the following – Articles, Case Studies, Experts Opinion, News or Product release, etc.

Topics for Guest Post

01 Stock Exchange
02 Money Investment
03 Grow Your Money
04 Financial Planning
05 Analysis in Stock Market
06 Stocks
07 Bonds
08 Gold
09 Commodity
10 Backtesting
11 Trading Instruments
12 Trading Lessons
13 Mutual Funds (MF)
14 Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
15 Investment Strategies
16 Retirement & Pension Plans
17 Cryptocurrency Research & Analysis

Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

01 Article Quality: The article must be of premium quality as we only consider high-quality articles while accepting guest posts.
Points to Consider for Maintaining Quality of an Article:
01 Article needs to be at least 500 – 1300 words.
02 Article needs to be plagiarism free (No Duplicacy)
03 Article should be informative.
04 Article must not be promoting self-brand or any 3rd part business.
05 Article should not contain any outdated or irrelevant information.
06 Article must not be promotional.
07 Article must not contain any affiliate links.
08 Article needs to follow the legal policies.

What Will You Get For Submitting Your Article?

01 We honestly appreciate your efforts and your contribution and for that, you can add your own bio or of anyone as a reference, just below the article. If you would be using 3rd party images, you are allowed to give credit to each and every image as each person’s efforts needs to be rewarded.
02 Backlinks: You are allowed to add up to two Do-Follow links in your article.
03 Media: All images need to be of high quality and you need to have 3-5 images in your article. You can also add a video too.

What Should be the Format of Guest Posting Article?

You can attach your MS WORD File along with the images on the email. Just do not forget to anchor links to your website in the article and images should be named in the serial numbers, so, it could be posted in the same manner.

Terms & Condition:

Money Online reserves the right to edit your article content as per the need and are free to share your content all over social media platforms without any royalty. Money Online also has the right to return your article back to you without publishing it online with a confrontation mail of safely returning your hard work to you if it fails to meet any of the above-mentioned quality perimeters. Moreover, you are also advised not to put the same content on your website or anywhere else as it won’t help in getting any search engine optimization perks.

Feel free to write to us your Topics or Ideas at WriteToUs@Invest-My-Money.Online

Note: It might take up to 3-5 days to approve your ideas due to the pending no. of submissions. Be patient and do not share your same content with any other guest post blog.

To assist you in getting some new ideas or choosing the relevant topic we accept, we suggest you go through our blog section and have a look at our previous blogs as well. It will help you in saving your as well as our’s time.