What is an Automated Trading System?

The automated trading system also knows mechanical trading, automatic trading, or algorithm trading – which allow traders to set particular rules for both entry and exit points. Once automated trading is programmed it can be executed automatically through the computer.
In the US, 75% of trading comes from the automated trading system only. Traders or investors can precisely set entry point, exit, and money management regulation into these automated trading systems to monitor or execute the trading. Out of many, one of the best merits of using an automated system is that it takes all of the emotion of the trading since trades are placed automatically only when one of the rules or criteria are met.
The entry and exit points can be relying upon very simple conditions like Moving Average Crossover or very complex strategies that may need a programmer for a detailed understanding of the programming language of the trading platform followed by the trader. It varies to the expertise level of the programmer.
These automated systems generally needed software that is linked to the direct access broker.

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