Which are the Best Mobile Investing Platforms to Invest Your Money?

Are you searching for the best Mobile investing platforms? In the modern era of the 21st century, technology has been evolving day by day. This technology evolution has also been put to aid investors with more comfortable conducting financial practices platforms.

It is only possible due to the evolving technology that more and more investors and traders have started using their smartphones and tablets as their primary trading medium for trading and investing purposes.

Now, there is a wide range of never-ending list of platforms offering trading practice. Out of those, we are going to provide you a list of best of the best, easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to trade platforms.

Due to the availability of these platforms in bulk, we have broken up these platforms into distinguishable categories:

  1. Online

  2.  Mobile and

  3. Fringe Investment

We have already covered all about Online Investing Platforms in our previous article.

So, let’s move onto Mobile Investments Section:

Best Mobile Investing Platforms

This refers to the modern investing platforms that can be accessed via. Mobiles in the form of apps. The platforms that you have studied in the “Online Section” can also be assessed through mobile.

It is majorly for young blood who wants to trade and also are considered as a future of personal and independent trading. It’s also an easy way to trade, establishing portfolios due to accessibility features.

List of Best Mobile Investing Platforms

Well, we all should have developed a good understanding of mobile investing platforms by now. So, let’s get onto the list of best mobile investing platforms:

  • Robinhood

  •  Stash

  • Acorns

Let’s understand more about these mobile investment platforms’ characteristics in detail.

  • Robinhood

It is the most famous investing tool in existence at this point of time. This is a fairly new company that has made its reputation online by offering free trading in almost all of the amounts. This step was to attract the young audience you run away from trading due to the service fees platforms charge and due to the limited investment amount of money users have.

Due to this and at the same time offering a comfortable interface to use has made, Robinhood a most anticipating platform in the Mobile Section.

  • Stash

Stash is almost a lookalike of the Robinhood version and was launched in 2015. But it did not happen to get the chance to attract as much as the no. of followers Robinhood has.

Stash also invites people to start investing with as low as the amount of $5 irrespective of the stock’s share price. It also offers guidelines to help the user more to go. An excellent way to help users make the right decisions.

  • Acorns

Just like Stash and Robinhood, Acorns also aimed at the young and mobile-friendly audience. However, it’s completely different than these two platforms mentioned above. Acorns are for passive investments.

It also comes with a level of aggression i.e., a scale from conservative to risky. But most of the part of the work is done by the app itself. Another thing to keep in mind is that this app is not designed to make huge amounts of money. However, it can help you with making some money without putting lots of effort or incurring a big expense.

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