Which are the Top Online Investing Platforms?

Looking for the best online investing platforms? Well, let’s understand a little bit more about online investment platforms. Online investment services offer all services that were used provided by transactional brokerage service providers. The only difference between traditional brokerage services and online investment services is that they can be accessed online.

With the availability of so many platforms to investors, it has now become a challenge for themwhile picking one that outperformed other options.

All trading transactions now take place online. If we go back in a decade or so, all stock, bonds, options transactions used to take place on papers which are now being replaced with online facilities.

Almost all of the major traditional brokerage services with a very strong reputation have soothed their services so that it can be accessed through online platforms very effectively.

So, now as we all are clear with the meaning of online investing platforms. Let’s jump onto the best online investment platforms you can opt for start investing.

List of Best Online Investment Platforms

There are many online investment platforms available in the market. Out of many, we will discuss the best one’s only. Without wasting any more time – Top Online Investing options are listed below:

  • Fidelity Investments

  • E*Trade

  • Ally Investment

  • TD Ameritrade

Let’s understand more about these platform’s fees and their unique features one by one.

1. Fidelity Investments: This is one of the most straight forwarding trading platform for long term investing. It’s service fees $5 per trade which might sound like a lot but once you start using its service, you will realize its because of its: Easy to understand interface, Easy execution of trading, etc.

2. E*Trade: If you have heard about it before, it probably due to the excessive advertisement done by the company.
Its knowns for fast execution, with lots of research tools available to help users understanding and educating about best trading decisions. Again the service fees a bit costly i.e, $7 per trade because of marketing strength and mobile optimization features.

3. Ally Investment: It is a newer platform than some others. But it comes with few inbuilt advantages with service fees of $4.95 per trade.
It works as an alternative banking option and makes easy accessibility of transition for banking service. It is the best platform for trading stocks and options for beginners.

4. TD Ameritrade: TD Ameritrade is well known and trusted service.
It’s famous for services like educating traders and providing direct access to mutual funds which most people suggest to beginners or to limited experienced. The service fee is a little bit high i.e., $7. But it could also be said you will be paying for the most authentic service in the industry.

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