SME Platform Annual Listing Fee Down 25%

As a further relief after the stimulus package, SME’s are offered with the less annual listing fee over BSE by a fourth at a time, said BSE on Monday.

BSE said, “When most of the new listings are on hold because of the uncertain conditions of the market. The revised listing fee will be applicable to already registered as well as for firms waiting for the listing on the exchange”.

The fee rebate has been given after several announcements related to the rescue of Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises of the country by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Listing of MSMEs on Stock Exchange

India is currently facing a prodigious crisis because of the Coronavirus pandemic. In such difficult times, it has become our duty to ensure the survival of SMEs by supporting them as they work as the backbone of the country. We hope all the steps were taken by the government to revive the MSMEs and also to enlisting SMEs on an exchange,” Said by Ajay Thakur, Head- BSE SME & Startups.

The Exchange also said that the Bombay Stock Exchange was the first to launch the BSE SME platform in 2012 which helped many SMEs to raise funds through equity.

History of Listed Companies on BSE

There are around 322 companies that are listed on BSE and 79 companies have shifted to the mainboard. These 322 companies have raised Rs 3,278.84 crore from the market and their total market capitalization value is Rs 15,865.39 crore as on May 17, 2020.

On the BSE startup platform, there are 5 companies that raise Rs19 crore from the market now have a market capitalization value of Rs 76.09 crore on May 17, 2020.

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