What's Corona Impact on Stock Market?

It’s only a matter of weeks, the coronavirus epidemic a.k.a COVID-19 has affected almost a third of market cap globally. This outspread of this virus has also shaken the confidence of investors by triggering panic across the globe.
The Indian market has also been very deeply impacted by the spread of this virus. Still, the Indian market very strongly bounced back but the SENSEX closed 20% below the peak achieved two months ago.
Earlier only Equity and debt markets were to be adversely affected by the Covid-19. But due to the crude oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia. Corona’s impacted the Currency and Commodities too. It is saying by experts to wait only before taking any investment decisions as after such a crash of this level, it takes time to get back to the old level.
The impact of Corona on global economic growth is already going on the hike. This virus impacted the Indian economy as well. Countries are imposing Lock-Downs situations. Travelling, Consumption industries will most likely to be affected due to the hit of the disease.

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