What things you need to keep in mind while going for automation?

Want to learn a few things before you Automate? The word “Automation” means and sounds to make things easier and task simpler but there are few things or precautions you need to keep in mind or take while first employing these automated systems.
Just ask yourself a question – Do you really need an Automated system. Of course, there are many promises of making money, but it might take some time than expected. Will it be wise to trade manually? After all, these automated systems are complicated and required some experience otherwise you may lose instead of gain.
You need to know very well what you are getting into and know its all ins and out totally. That means try to keep your trading strategies and goals for the same very simple instead of turning to complicated ones.
And another and very important point to note is no one strategy fits all. You need to point out your preferable strategy, where you wanna employee it, and how much you can mold it. All of these things you need to keep in mind while going towards achieving your end goals.

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