Real-Time Power Trade on Exchange Soon

New Delhi: Real-time trading will likely soon to be enabled on power exchanges in India. Purchasing electricity will be as quick as placing an online food order.

State power distribution authorities and industrial consumers can meet the need for short-term power urgency through a real-time market also known as RTM.

Real term market means trading can now happen in real or very near to the real time when it comes to electricity or power.

What is the Difference Between General Market and RTM?

Unlike the general day-ahead market when a trade happens a day in advance, power can be bought just before an hour of its requirement to meet emergency short-term power needs in the real-time market.

Alike Industrial consumers, companies generating power with excess power capacity or more than required contracted capacity can also sell at short notice in the real-time market.

What is RTM’s Launch Date?

Electricity RTM launch will start operation as per the scheduled date on June 01, 2020, and it has been not postponed amid the nationwide lockdown.

Government and Electricity Regulatory Multiple sources said, “The auction in the real-time market will be held every half an hour.”

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