What is Trade Order Timing?

Searching for trade order timing? Before we begin let’s first clear it’s not about the timing type of order but about the type of trade order.  However, the nature of market order defines the execution of the placed orders.

Trade order timing is an option available to investors to set the amount of time trade order is good. All different types of trade order timings have their own merits and demerits which can be played across different strategies an investor may have and intend to use.

Trade order timing is a special instrument which is generally come in use while placing a trade to suggest for how long an order placed will last prior to its execution or expiration. The trade order types are very prominent for active traders as they empower them to be more certain about time parameters.

Types of Trade Order Timing

The timing of trade has always been important in the line of trade, that’s why each trade order types have some unique features suiting different traders with the different master plans. The most popular trade order timings types are the followings:

  1. Market Order (Immediate)
  2. Good Until Cancelled (GTC)
  3. Good Until Specified Timing
  4. Good Today
  5. Fill or Kill

How Soon These Trades are Executed?

This same list is reordered in terms of how soon these trades are executed under trade order timing:

  1. Market Order (Immediate)
  2. Fill or Kill
  3. Good Today
  4. Goods Until Specified Time or Date
  5. Goods Until Cancelled

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