What To Do in Times of Misery?

Are you searching for some tips to do in times of misery? Well, calamities don’t come with advance notice. Even if it does all our proposed actions get in vain in such times. But we should keep evolving.

Everybody once in a lifetime faces a time of misery in their life. Almost every person on this planet suffers from this to some extent – Whether because of a business struggle or to a complete standstill due to lockdown, or poor health suffering due to COVID 19, etc. All react differently in these types of misfortune. Some use it as a motivation for doing something big, while some use it as an excuse for failure.

But we are not here to discuss what is causing this trouble. We are here to discuss, What can we do about it? Are we going to use it as an excuse for things not going as planned or we can take use these circumstances as motivation?

Set of Golden Rules For Miserable Times

So, I would like to discuss here some set of golden rules in times like this:

➤ Stay in control of that which you can control

It’s been said future can’t be controlled. We should not worry as we can always learn to get a pass of difficulties. The moment people start realizing that life is a box full of surprises, they can start planning for the same.

As focusing on what you can control is just a start, but it is not always enough. You need to break your ultimate goal into smaller or more manageable challenges. Just take and maintain the pace slowly and steadily you will achieve your goals.

➤ Misfortune brings new opportunities

We all know how uncertain the future can be. Like the greatest thing about tomorrow is, you will be better than you are today. The lessons you are gonna learn today you can apply tomorrow for the better good. If you allow the clouds of misfortune to cover your eyes then there’s a very high probability of you losing the opportunities that might present themselves during these hard times.

As no one learns anything from success, it’s from failures and setbacks, conclusions are made. Let’s take an example where the JSE dropped 30% as an example. If you sold out your stocks where it lost its value by 30 % and not invested in that stock again. In the next 12 months, you would have then missed out on an average of 28% on your investment.

The lesson learned from this general market trend is going up therefore those investors who create an opportunity from these fortunes end up having new more money to invest.

➤ Important work lies ahead not in the past

If COVID 19 taught us anything that is counting days. Which exactly you should not be doing. It’s been said don’t count days, make the days count. Use this time to make plans and execute them.

Make no mistake as the road ahead might not be easy. There might be some days when you want to give up. So just don’t give it up and give everything you have got.

➤ Be led by your masterplans, not by your emotions

A general question to all – How many of you allowed your emotions to make bad decisions related to business or financial planning, short term adjustments are the exception. But long term master plan should always come from the process of decision-making only.

Those who have good control over your emotions are not easily manipulated in their long-term master plan.

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