What are the Types of Trading For Technical Traders?

We all have heard somewhere that there are types of traders – Technical and Fundamental traders. Technical traders who trade on the basis of their analysis skills whereas fundamental traders go for the company’s background, profitability, Working capital, etc, and based on these and many more factors and reports they consider buying of shares of a company would be beneficial for them or not.
As for becoming a successful trader, one needs to be expert in one but also advised to have some knowledge of others too. For instance, if a trader is sound technically then he or she must have some background knowledge of a company. That was an overview of types of traders. Now let’s further segregate the dimension of technical trading. Technical traders are provided with 5 main types of trading. These are:
1. Scalping
2. Day Trading
3. Momentum Trading
4. Swing Trading
5. Position Trading
Becoming a master is very crucial for technical traders but it is also advised to have some keen knowledge about others as well. It is also advised if in doubt then one should stay out of the market.
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