7 Stocks that could Break Bear hug to a Bull Run

As it is very well known that spotting a winner in a bear trend is way challenging than a bullish trend. But, historically, the stocks that have outperformed in the Nifty early bottom phase have turned up as a leader in the 3 subsequent years.
ICICIdirect.com brokerage analysts have come up with a list of seven stocks that have the potential to be outperformers. These stocks have been selected out of the universe of 918 NSE listed stocks on the basis of broad technical concepts and fundamental concepts. Technical concepts such as relative strength rankings, price structure analysis, and DOW theory bullish signals whereas fundamental concepts based on these companies having reasonable business models with decent management pedigree. The list of 7 stocks are given below:

Stock Buying Range (in Rs.) Target Price (in Rs.) Upside (in %) Market Cap (in Cr.)
Britannia Industries 3,050-3,150 3,690 19 75,237
L&T 1,680-1,780 2,050 19 14,880
Sanofi India 7,200-7,500 8,880 21 17,370
Syngene International 340-375 435 22 14,014
Dr Lal’s PathLabs 1,500-1,585 1,845 20 12,997
India Cements 115-126 150 24 4643
Navin Fluorine Intl. 1,430-1,510 1,780 21 7,444

According to ICICdirect.com, “These stocks have the potential of return of 19% to 24% in a year”.

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