What's the Status of Indian Market Vs U.S Markets in Covid-19 Events?

The global market plays a very important and direct role in the local market. So, if an event is affecting the global market it will likely affect the local market. It happens because all countries are somewhere dependent on each other.
So, if we talk about the Market condition of India V/s United States market in Covid-19 events. Then Absolutely yes, Indian markets is crashed but not as much as U.S Markets.
In fact, there was a circular given by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) which had given statistics about how much the global market has impacted the Indian market. That circular was released by SEBI in late March 2020. The Indian market has crashed almost 10 % lesser than any other Developed countries market or advance the Global Market. For instance, Europe and the United States have lashed by almost 40 % now but the Indian market on the other end has not even corrupted by 35%. Indian markets is almost 10 percent up in the comeback position. or we can say 10 % lower than other markets crashing.
There are two ways to interpret it, the Indian market is really strong or,  interpretation is that the Indian market may crash more in the coming days.
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Note: This article was published on April 08, 2020, in the occurring event of Covid-19. So, all of the information provided to you in the above article is based on the data and events prior to the published date.

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